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County General Highway Maps
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County General Highway Maps

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County DGN File Size Color PDF File Size New Format Color PDF File Size
Alachua cs_Alachua.dgn 2.23 MB Alac_c.pdf 0.7 MB ALA2013.pdf 1.88 MB
Baker cs_Baker.dgn 1.83 MB Baker_c.pdf 1.1 MB BAK2015.pdf 2.46 MB
Bay cs_Bay.dgn 3.1 MB Bay_c.pdf 1.0 MB
Bradford cs_Bradford.dgn 3.2 MB Brad_c.pdf0.5 MB BDF2014.pdf 6.36 MB
Brevard cs_Brevard.dgn 3.8 MB Brev_c.pdf2.3 MB BRE2014.pdf 4.41 MB
Broward cs_Broward.dgn 13.1 MB Brow_c.pdf3.9 MB
Calhoun cs_Calhoun.dgn 2.2 MB Calh_c.pdf0.7 MB
Charlotte cs_Charlotte.dgn 2.8 MB Char_c.pdf1.2 MB
Citrus cs_Citrus.dgn 4.2 MB Citr_c.pdf1.9 MB
Clay cs_Clay.dgn 2.6 MB Clay_c.pdf1.2 MB
Collier cs_Collier.dgn 10.2 MB Coll_c.pdf2.9 MB
Columbia cs_Columbia.dgn 2.4 MB Colu_c.pdf1.2 MB
De Soto cs_Desoto.dgn 2.1 MB Deso_c.pdf1.3 MB DES2014.pdf 2.72 MB
Dixie cs_Dixie.dgn 6.5 MB Dixi_c.pdf1.0 MB
Duval cs_Duval.dgn 3.9 MB Duva_c.pdf1.0 MB
Escambia cs_Escambia.dgn 6.1 MB Esca_c.pdf1.5 MB
Flagler cs_Flagler.dgn 2.7 MB Flag_c.pdf0.7 MB FLG2015.pdf 4.39MB
Franklin cs_Franklin.dgn 2.2 MB Fran_c.pdf1.0 MB
Gadsden cs_Gadsden.dgn1.93 MB Gads_c.pdf0.8 MB GAD2014.pdf 1.73 MB
Gilchrist cs_Gilchrist.dgn.82 MB Gilc_c.pdf0.6 MB GIL2015.pdf 2.14 MB
Glades cs_Glades.dgn2.89 MB Glad_c.pdf0.8 MB
Gulf cs_Gulf.dgn1.6 MB Gulf_c.pdf0.6 MB
Hamilton cs_Hamilton.dgn1.87 MB Hami_c.pdf0.8 MB
Hardee cs_Hardee.dgn1.72 MB Hard_c.pdf0.8 MB HAR2014.pdf 2.84 MB
Hendry cs_Hendry.dgn2.12 MB Hend_c.pdf0.4 MB HEN2013.pdf 16.3 MB
Hernando cs_Hernando.dgn2.37 MB Hern_c.pdf1.2 MB HER2015.pdf 2.92 MB
Highlands cs_Highlands.dgn1.61 MB High_c.pdf0.4 MB HIG2013.pdf 15.7 MB
Hillsborough cs_Hillsborough.dgn2.37 MB Hills_c.pdf1.1 MB
Holmes cs_Holmes.dgn2.03 MB Holm_c.pdf1.4 MB HOL2014.pdf 15.3 MB
Indian River cs_IndianRiver.dgn1.5 MB Inrv_c.pdf1.0 MB IND2014.pdf 7.44 MB
Jackson cs_Jackson.dgn3.73 MB Jack_c.pdf1.3 MB JAC2013.pdf 13.1 MB
Jefferson cs_Jefferson.dgn1.36 MB Jeff_c.pdf0.6 MB
Lafayette cs_Lafayette.dgn1.83 MB Lafa_c.pdf0.9 MB
Lake cs_Lake.dgn4.5 MB Lake_c.pdf1.2 MB
Lee cs_Lee.dgn6.74 MB Lee_c.pdf1.4 MB
Leon cs_Leon.dgn5.48 MB Leon_c.pdf0.8 MB LEO2014.pdf 5.75 MB
Levy cs_Levy.dgn3.56 MB Levy_c.pdf1.4 MB
Liberty cs_Liberty.dgn3.35 MB Libe_c.pdf2.0 MB
Madison cs_Madison.dgn1.66 MB Madi_c.pdf0.9 MB
Manatee cs_Manatee.dgn2.58 MB Mana_c.pdf1.3 MB
Marion cs_Marion.dgn4.38 MB Mari_c.pdf2.4 MB MAR2014.pdf 7.68 MB
Martin cs_Martin.dgn2.45 MB Mart_c.pdf1.3 MB MRT2015.pdf 3.58 MB
Miami-Dade cs_miamidade.dgn13.9 MB MiDa_c.pdf4.2 MB
Monroe W. Keys cs_Monroe1.dgn1.78 MB Mon1_c.pdf1.2 MB MON2014_1.pdf 6.69 MB
Monroe E. Keys cs_Monroe2.dgn2.25 MB Mon2_c.pdf1.1 MB
Monroe NW cs_Monroe3.dgn14.2 MB Mon3_c.pdf4.9 MB
Nassau cs_Nassau.dgn2.41 MB Nass_c.pdf0.9 MB NAS2015.pdf 3.9MB
Okaloosa cs_Okaloosa.dgn3.52 MB Okal_c.pdf1.8 MB
Okeechobee cs_Okeechobee.dgn1.19 MB Okee_c.pdf0.4 MB OKE2014.pdf 12.0 MB
Orange cs_Orange.dgn3.58 MB Oran_c.pdf1.3 MB
Osceola cs_Osceola.dgn3.23 MB Osce_c.pdf1.1 MB
Palm Beach cs_Palmbeach.dgn 4.01 MB Palm_c.pdf1.3 MB
Pasco cs_Pasco.dgn3.33 MB Pasco_c.pdf1.1 MB
Pinellas cs_Pinellas.dgn1.71 MB Pine_c.pdf0.7 MB PIN2013r2014.pdf 28.0 MB
Polk cs_Polk.dgn5.87 MB Polk_c.pdf1.7 MB
Putnam cs_Putnam.dgn2.33 MB Putn_c.pdf1.5 MB
Santa Rosa cs_SantaRosa.dgn 4.25 MB Sant_c.pdf1.4 MB
Sarasota cs_Sarasota.dgn2.61 MB Sara_c.pdf1.2 MB
Seminole cs_Seminole.dgn1.41 MB Semi_c.pdf0.5 MB SEM2015.pdf 3.14 MB
St. John cs_StJohns.dgn3.04 MB Stjo_c.pdf1.0 MB STJ2014.pdf.pdf 10.7 MB
St. Lucie cs_StLucie.dgn1.09 MB StLu_c.pdf0.6 MB
Sumter cs_Sumter.dgn1.41 MB Sumt_c.pdf1.1 MB SUM2014.pdf 5.94 MB
Suwannee cs_Suwannee.dgn0.99 MB Suwa_c.pdf1.2 MB SUW2015.pdf 4.43MB
Taylor cs_Taylor.dgn4.36 MB Tayl_c.pdf1.4 MB
Union cs_Union.dgn964 KB Unio_c.pdf0.6 MB
Volusia cs_Volusia.dgn12 MB Volu_c.pdf2.0 MB
Wakulla cs_Wakulla.dgn2.66 MB Waku_c.pdf0.6 MB
Walton cs_Walton.dgn2.71 MB Walt_c.pdf1.1 MB
Washington cs_Washington.dgn1.98 MB Wash_c.pdf1.0 MB WAS2014.pdf 9.31 MB

Map Resources

Note: Color Maps can be printed in black and white.
For those who require previous versions of the Microstation Files (black and white maps) for FDOT projects, they can be provided upon request.
Printed Copies of the County General Highway Maps are available from the Maps Publications Office web site.
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Recommended Software

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Opens the Adobe Reader download website in a new window. Adobe Reader is recommended to view PDF files.

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