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DBE UCP Application

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DBE Program Overview

Ø  Where to apply for DBE Certification in Florida


·        Florida has a Unified Certification Program (UCP). DBE UCP Certifying Members make certification decisions on behalf of all recipients in the state, with respect to participation in the U.S. Department of Transportation DBE Program.


·         The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) certifies DBE firms who engage or intend to engage in road, highway or bridge planning, design, construction or maintenance related goods and services.


·         If your firm intends to engage in primarily airport (FAA) related or transit (FTA) related services, submit your application to one of our Florida UCP Members. FDOT does not certify for airport concession DBEs (ACDBE).


Ø  FDOT DBE Application Submission


·         Important Note: A complete DBE Application contains all the required supporting documentation listed on page 14 of the USDOT DBE Application.




·         Mail the DBE Application and required supporting documents to:


Florida Department of Transportation

Equal Opportunity Office

Attention: DBE Certification

605 Suwannee Street MS65

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450



Ø  Out-of-State DBE Applicants (Interstate Certification)



·         If you are certified as a DBE in another state and wish to apply in Florida, you must include the Interstate Certification Affidavit with:



·         Your original home state application and all supporting documents,


·         Any other information you have submitted to your home state or any other state related to your firm’s certification.  This includes affidavits of no change for the previous 3 years and any notices of changes that you have submitted, as well as any correspondences concerning your application or status as a DBE firm.


·         Any notices or correspondence from states other than your home state relating to your status as an applicant or certified DBE in those states, including facts and all documentation concerning if your firm was denied certification or decertified.


Ø  Questions


·         The Equal Opportunity Office can be reached at 850-414-4747 or dbecert.help@dot.state.fl.us


·         For assistance with filling out the DBE Application, contact the Department’s supportive service provider, Construction Estimating Institute (CEI). CEI provides free assistance to firms who are seeking FDOT DBE Certification. Visit CEI’s website at https://www.fdotdbesupportservices.com/ or call at 866-378-6653.