Application Submittal


Florida UCP DBE Certification

·     Requires a completed UCP DBE Application and supporting documentation demonstrating eligibility that must be submitted to the Equal Opportunity Office or certifying UCP Member.

·     Certification applications are processed in the order they are received.

·     It generally takes no more than 90 days to complete the review process for in-state applications after the complete application and all supporting documentation have been received.

DBE Interstate Certification

·     Is dependent on a review of the current home state certification in accordance with Federal Regulation 49 CFR 26.85.

·     If you are certified as a DBE in another state and wish to apply in Florida, you must include the Interstate Certification Affidavit with:

  1.  your original home state application and all supporting documents,

  2. any other information you have submitted to your home state or any other state related to your firm’s certification.  This includes affidavits of no change for the previous 3 years and any notices of changes that you have submitted, as well as any correspondences concerning your application or status as a DBE firm.

  3. any notices or correspondence from states other than your home state relating to your status as an applicant or certified DBE in those states, including facts and all documentation concerning if your firm was denied certification or decertified.

·     It generally takes no more than 60 days to review an out-of-state application after the complete application and all supporting documents have been received.