The Construction Management Development Program and Bond Guarantee Program (CMDP-BGP) is one program with two divisions.

The Construction Management Development Program (CMDP) is a voluntary program designed to improve and develop skills of owners and managers enabling them to perform successfully on FDOT projects. Courses offered are Business Management, Construction Accounting, Construction Math and Estimating, Contracts, Specifications and Law, Scheduling for FDOT and Plan Reading for FDOT. Once the owner(s) or manager(s) of a DBE firm completes the prescribed course(s), the firm will receive a Certificate of Proficiency and will graduate into the Bond Guarantee Program.

The Bond Guarantee Program (BGP) is a financial support program which the State of Florida acts as a second surety, guaranteeing the construction bonds for DBEs working on FDOT projects. Participation in the BGP is limited to those DBEs who have been awarded a Certificate of Proficiency and have documented knowledge of the principles of construction bonding. Services under the BGP include: Packaging Bond Applications, Construction Bond Principles Seminars and Overhead Audits, a one time free service for DBEs seeking pre-qualification as a Consultant.

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