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Organizational Development

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About Us

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Team Functions

Organizational Development includes the Policy Management Unit, Training Development Unit, & Quality Management Unit.


The mission of the Organizational Development Team is to fulfill the Florida Department of Transportation's organizational and employee development needs through quality, policy, and training management in order to maintain an effective, engaged, and responsible workforce.


The Policy Management unit will also focus on leveraging technology to innovate and maintain necessary electronic forms and provide consultation services to those developing, reviewing, and implementing forms, policies, and procedures throughout the FDOT.


Pursuant to F.S. 334.048, the FDOT is required to provide policy management. To ensure effective policy management, the FDOT needs to perform functions that support the development and maintenance of relevant, accurate, and consistent procedural documents in response to statutory requirements, deficiencies identified during Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR), internal and external audits, and other sources.


The mission of the Quality Management unit is to ensure consistency, compliance, and accountability through quality assurance reviews, business planning facilitation, and employee engagement efforts.


Pursuant to Florida Statute, the FDOT is required to provide a level of quality management throughout its functional work units. To ensure effective quality management, we must perform functions that support facilitation and development of the FDOT Business Model, creating and implementing business plans, and development, implementation, and oversight of a Quality Assurance Program and auditing activities. 1) Quality: Conformance to valid customer and business requirements; 2) Quality Assurance: activities that provide factual evidence that products, services, and information are being delivered as intended and most effectively; and 3) Quality Control: the courses of action taken to implement, monitor, and improve processes to meet quality standards.


The Training Development unit’s mission is to promote employee development and organizational effectiveness with exceptional educational training programs and services. We will also endeavor to ensure that employees have the skills necessary for achieving greater organizational success in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Pursuant to F.S. 20.23, F.S. 110.105, F.S. 110.1099, F.S. 110.235, and F.S. 334.048, the FDOT is required to provide and track education and development opportunities for its employees. To ensure effective training management, the FDOT must perform functions that support the development, delivery, and evaluation of training programs and plans and retains accurate training records for internal and external customers.