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Office of Design

Office of Design / Training

FDOT Design Training Expo June 10-12, 2014


2012 Presentations                                                           2013 Presentations


3D Delivery Requirements Prow, Jimmie
3D Modeling of Interchanges using Geopak Rana, Tejsingh
3D Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and underground Utility data into AutoCADD Civil 3D Craig Smith & Assoc.
3D Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and underground Utility data into in MicroStation Pilia, Carlo
Pitchford, Mark
3D Surface Modeling with Photogrammetric Point Cloud Data Fernandez, William
Accelerated Bridge Construction: Design Build Replacement of Rock Ridge Road Bridge Varresto, Ralph
Accessing the FDOT Aerial Photography Archive Collection - APLUS Version 2 Korte, Stuart
Advances in Civil Integrated Management (CIM) Brautigam, Duane
Alert Today and Alive Tomorrow Wilson, Mark
Analysis of Hydroplaning Potential for Wide Typical Sections Earp, Catherine
Renna, Rick
Annotation Basics in Civil 3D Morse, Brian
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014: Introduction to R/W Mapping Evers, Justin
Automated Quantities in MicroStation for Plan Summary Boxes Broom, Denise
Basis of Estimates Basic Training Sylvester, Cheri
Bentley Civil Geometry in FDOTSS3 Prow, Jimmie
Bentley OpenRoads Technology for Surveying Jackson, Kevin
Bentley Vertical Geometry Tools in FDOTSS3 Danforth, Vern
Bicycle Forum Carver, DeWayne
Bike Lane Markings and Patterned Pavement Byram, Karen
Gentry, Paul
BMPTrains Model for Estimating Nutrient Loadings Renna, Rick
Wanielista, Marty
Bold Landscaping Prasad, Ananth
CADD/GIS Interoperability Barber, Rebecca
Civil 3D Surveying deliverables and The Sheet Set Manager Hazlip, John
Community Aesthetic Features - CAF Fletcher, Jeremy
Irizarry, Maria
Contractor Panel on Constructability of Designs Hewitt, Rich
Price, Kevin
Jaramillo, Felipe
Waugh, Keith
Mackiewicz, Edwin
COPS Specifications and Pay Item Updates El-Urfali, Alan
Tillander, Trey
Creating Print Sets with Sheet Navigator Worley, James
Culvert assessment and decision making procedures Barber, Gendahl
D/B Project Development for the Owner's Rep Andres, Tom
Autry, Alan
Design and Modeling Tools in FDOTSS3 (The New Corridor Modeling) Danforth, Vern
Design Build RFP and Specifications Autry, Alan
Scheer, Daniel
Design Exceptions/Variations Fletcher, Jeremy
Gerrell, Ben
Designing for Florida's Aging Population Holley, Gail
Drawing Cleanup and Quality Control for drawings in Civil 3D Racca, Mike
Electronic Review Comments (ERC) Masters, Sean
Enhanced Plans Florence, Ryan
Errors, Omissions and Contractual Breaches by Professional Engineers on Department Contracts Kamath, Sid
Estimating Mobile LiDAR Projects with FDOT Spreadsheet Wood, Brett
Extradosed Bridges Stroh, Steve
FB-MultiPier Update Bollman, Henry
Chung, Jae
FDOT Civil 3D Drainage Design and Cross Sections Roberts, Randy
FDOT Civil 3D Labeling Racca, Mike
FDOT Civil 3D Plans Production Racca, Mike
FDOT Civil 3D Subassemblies for Corridor Modeling Tillman, Quinton
FDOT Civil 3D Tips & Tricks Roberts, Randy
FDOT Linked Data Manager (LDM) for MicroStation Broom, Denise
FDOT Plan Quantities in Civil 3D Roberts, Randy
FDOT Proprietary Product Procedures for Designers and Local Agency Programs (LAP) Byram, Karen
FDOT Subassemblies for Civil 3D ; Existing Features Racca, Mike
FDOT Subassemblies for Civil 3D; Milling and Resurface Dana, Bruce
Roberts, Randy
FDOT Traffic Plans using Civil 3D Roberts, Randy
FDOT's Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) Causseaux, Jared
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites McDaniel, Gevin
Flexible PT Tendon Filler Vallier, Rick
FPRN - Solutions for Today and Tomorrow Hanson, Ron
From Civil Model to Cross Section Sheets in FDOTSS3 Danforth, Vern
GEOPAK Drainage for FDOT Projects and Plans Production in FDOTSS2/SS3 Worley, James
Getting MicroStation/ GEOPAK and AutoCAD/Civil3D to play well together Racca, Mike
GPS Data Collection Brunow, Bret
GRS & Segmental Block Walls Jones, Larry
Highway Safety Manual Santos, Joe
Innovative Intersection and Interchange Designs Taylor, Timothy
Integrating Landscape Conservation and Highway Beautification in the Processes That Are Used to Plan, Design, Construct, and Maintain Roadways Caster, Jeff
Intro to Guardrail Mauthner, John
McDaniel, Gevin
Intro to Traffic Engineering Manual Henson, Chester
Lewis, Chris
Introduction to the Civil 3D Surveying Database, Point and Figure Grouping, Existing Surfaces and Alignments Hazlip, John
LAP Deliverables Lieblong, Kurt
Lewis, Ben
Lighting Forum Henson, Chester
Long Range Estimating Training for Project Managers Sylvester, Cheri
Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Awareness Benghuzzi, Ezzel
Maxwell, Stephanie
Managed Lanes Fortunas, Jennifer
Mathews Bridge Emergency Repairs: Hidden Redundancy in a Fracture Critical Bridge Sturm, Bryan
MicroStation Plan Summary Boxes for Designers Broom, Denise
MicroStation Plan Summary Boxes for Plans Reviewers Broom, Denise
Migrating to FDOTSS3 Prow, Jimmie
Migration of Geotextile Index to QPL Jones, Larry
Milling Equipment for Designers Sweadner, Mike
Modern Roundabouts: A Safe and Robust Intersection Alternative Isebrands, Hillary
Moving GEOPAK Drainage Projects Forward into 3D in FDOTSS3 (software demo, video to be posted soon) Worley, James
Paving Equipment for Designers Ireland, Phil
PDE - Planning Consistency Wood, Jim
Pedestrian Forum Carver, DeWayne
Practical Design Update and Training Lieblong, Kurt
Practical Methods for Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metric and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data Knaak, Ted
Preparing 3D Design Deliverables for AMG using Civil 3D Dana, Bruce
Racca, Mike
PS&E Lessons Learned? The Pre-Let and Post-Let process Masters, Sean
Nalley, Joe
Resurfacing: Allocating Money & System-Wide Planning Overton, Patrick
Resurfacing: When & Where Overton, Patrick
Review current FDOT Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Guidelines Wood, Brett
Right of Way considerations for PD&E and Design projects McPhail, Mike
Risk Management Process Training for Project Managers Autry, Alan
Davis, Greg
Lieblong, Kurt
Risk Response Planning Training Brock, Tim
Davis, Greg
Quigley, Robert
Theiler, Jose
Road Safety Audit Doctor, Mark
Scope Development Hayden, Jane
Quigley, Rob
Sheet Set Organizer (SSO) for Civil 3D (video) Dana, Bruce
Specifications for Local Agency Projects (LAP) Hunter, Lorraine
Lewis, Ben
Thomas, Frances
Specifications for Project Managers Scheer, Daniel
Thomas, Frances
Specifications: What-When-How (MSPs and TSPs) Scheer, Daniel
Thomas, Frances
Steel Bridge decks - factors affecting casting sequence Golabek, Dennis
Storm and Sanitary Analysis in Civil 3D Morse, Brian
Structures Research Update Fallaha, Sam
Superelevation in FDOTSS3 Danforth, Vern
Systems Engineering Process Vollmer, Derek
Temporary Barriers & Temporary Crash Cushions Benghuzzi, Ezzel
Maxwell, Stephanie
The Design and Construction of Single Span Bridge on Spread Footing Kassem, Bassel
The Development of a National Underground Utility As-Built Standard Anspach, Jim
Transportation Design for Livable Communities (TDLC Complete Streets) Hattaway, Billy
Using Point Clouds in Bentley Civil Workflows Jackson, Kevin
Using Point Clouds in Civil 3D Cohen, Seth
Utility Coordination with Florida Gas Transmissions Bane, Thomas
Utility Design by FDOT Consultant Agreement Projects for Water and Sewer Pipelines Alfonso, Arnelio
Sibila, Eric
Value Engineering Lieblong, Kurt
What's New in the 2013 Florida Greenbook Koos, Mary Anne
What's New with FDOT Digital Delivery? Tillman, Quinton