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Office of Design

Office of Design / Training

FDOT Design Training Expo June 12-14, 2013



100 Percent Dynamic Testing of Concrete Piling Rodrigo Herrera
3D Engineered Models for Construction – The Iowa Experience Brian Smith & Tim Tometich
3D Engineered Models for Construction – The Kentucky Experience & Pilot 3D Model as Contract Document Jason Littleton
Access Management Gary Sokolow
Accessing the FDOT Aerial Photography Archive Collection Stuart Korte
Accuracy Analysis of “Commercial Off the Shelf” (COTS) Mapping Services William Fernandez
Bentley Data Acquisition and GEOPAK Survey John Hazlip
Best Practices For A Successful Public Meeting Rusty Ennemoser & Michael Garau
Beyond the Crosswalk: Tools to Supplement Pedestrian Crossings MaryAnne Koos
Bold Landscaping Jeff Caster
Bridge Load Rating Andrew DeVault
Cable Barrier Implementation John Mauthner
CAD/GIS Interoperability Rebecca Hatton
Civil 3D 2012 FDOT State Kit Subassemblies Mary Peterman
Civil 3D Cross Sections Mary Peterman
Civil 3D Design & Modeling Advanced Mary Peterman
Civil 3D Design & Modeling Basics Mary Peterman
Civil 3D Drainage Design & Pipework Resources Randy Roberts
Civil 3D Entity Manager  (PowerPoint w/ Videos) Mary Peterman
Civil 3D Plans Production Tools (Part 1 & 2) Mike Racca
Civil 3D Quantities Using QTO and Tables Randy Roberts
Civil 3D Signing and Pavement Marking Tools Randy Roberts
Civil 3D Tips & Tricks Randy Roberts & Mike Racca
Civil 3D Traffic Plans Randy Roberts
Civil Integrated Management Eric Arneson
Class 5 Surface Finish and CPAM 10.3 Steve Plotkin
Combining Remote Sensing Technologies Brett Wood
Constructability Panel "Maximizing Constructability" (Part 1 & 2) Rich Hewitt
COPS Specifications & Pay Items Update Missy Hollis & Trey Tillander
Cost Effective Alternative Stormwater Management Amy Tootle & Rick Renna
Cost Savings by Using Advanced VDC Tools and Processes, Case Studies from Europe Jani Myllymaa & Jarkko Sireeni
Cross Slope & Constructability Rich Hewitt & Maria Irizarry
Cross Slope & Equipment Charles Holzschuher
Design Cost Savings/ SMART Plans Bob Crim
Design Exceptions and Variations Jeremy Fletcher
Design Manual revisions for Design-Build Frank Sullivan, Jennifer Green & Tom Andres
Design Standards John Mauthner, Patrick Overton & Gevin McDaniel
Effective Erosion Control Plans Bruce Hasbrouck
Electronic Review Comment (ERC) System Kurt Lieblong
Electronic Tolling Point Design Pat Maggio & Jennifer Olson
Every Day Counts Chad Thompson
FDOT Approval of Proprietary Products in Plans Karen Byram
FDOT’s Enterprise GIS Jared Causseaux
Florida Green Book TND Chapter 19 Billy Hattaway
Florida Roundabouts Justin Banson & Frank Sullivan
Foundation Design Considerations to Reduce Construction Problems Juan F. Castellanos
FPRN Real Time Connection & Support- Best Practices Ron Hanson
General Session
        CIM - Bryan Cawley
Duane Brautigam, Brian Blanchard, Bryan Cawley, Lora Hollingsworth, Billy Hattaway & Rudy Powell
GEOPAK Ancillary Features Denise Broom
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - Cross Sections & Labeling Christina Holmes
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - End Conditions Vern Danforth
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - Existing Features & Criteria Denise Broom
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - Gore Design Brad Eiler
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - Intersection Design Brad Eiler
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - Milling & Resurfacing Vern Danforth
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Advanced - Parametric Constraints, Point Controls & Superelevations (Part 1 & 2) Vern Danforth
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Basic - 3D Design Overview Jimmie Prow
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Basic - Getting Started Christina Holmes
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Basic - Roadway Designer Vern Danforth
GEOPAK Corridor Modeling Basic - Working with FDOT Templates Brad Eiler
GEOPAK Drainage Automation & Reporting James Worley
GEOPAK Drainage for Project Layout James Worley
GEOPAK Earthwork Denise Broom
GEOPAK Geotechnical Borehole Navigator Denise Broom
GEOPAK Survey: Processing Field Data and Surfaces John Hazlip
GEOPAK Survey: Visualization and Surveying Deliverables John Hazlip
GRS Design Larry Jones
Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Update Frank Sullivan
Improving Large Area Surface Models Using Remote Sensing Data William Fernandez
Integrating 3D Design into Construction for Automated Machine Guidance Benjamin Brown
Invitation to Innovation Gevin McDaniels
IPEL - Innovative Products List Karen Byram
LAP Design Deliverables Jerald Marks
Latest Changes in the Structures Manual Dan Scheer
LiDAR in Roadway Design and Construction Ted Knaak
Lighting Forum Chester Henson
Linked Data Manager Jimmie Prow
LRE for Non-Estimators (LRE 101) (Video) Dale Stanley
Managed Lanes Neil Spiller
Managing Remote Sensing Data for Projects Brett Wood/John Krause
MicroStation Printing from Setup to PDF (Part 1) Jimmie Prow
MicroStation Printing from Setup to PDF (Part 2) Jimmie Prow
Milling & Paving Equipment Rich Hewitt
New Beams for Short-Medium Span Bridges Gevin McDaniel & Steve Nolan
New Comp Book Procedure Melissa Hollis & Denise Broom
New Mobile LiDAR Staff Hour Sheet with Discussion of Workflow Brett Wood
Patterned Pavement and Bicycle Lane Markings Paul Gentry and MaryAnne Koos
Pavement Marking Selection Chester Henson
Pavement Type Selection Process Emmanuel Uwaibi
Pedestrian Road Safety Audits with “Lessons Learned” Billy Hattaway & Margaret Kubilins
Pilot E Delivery Process in District 2 Teresa Thrasher & Jamie Driggers
Post Tensioning Best Practice Update and New Directions for Post Tensioned Structures Ben Goldsberry
Practical Design John Fowler & Kurt Lieblong
Practical Design Overview and Forum John Fowler, Kurt Lieblong, Michael Shepard & Bob Crim
Precast Bridge Component Feasibility Assessment Tom Andres
Prestressed Beam End Region Design Trey Hamilton
Product Evaluation Karen Byram
Project Suite Enterprise Dianne Perkins
PS&E Lessons Learned Joe Nalley
Resurfacing: Allocating Money & System-Wide Planning John Fowler
Resurfacing: When & Where John Fowler
Risk Analysis Workshop Training Greg Davis, Kurt Lieblong
Risk Management Mitigation Plan Training Tim Brock, Jose Theiler, & Rob Quigley
Roadside Barriers John Mauthner
Scope Management Rob Quigley
Sound Wall Design Cheryl Hudson & Steve Nolan
Specs 101 for FDOT Project Managers Frances Thomas, Trey Tillander
Specs Packages for Local Projects Frances Thomas & Cheri Sylvester
Staff Hour Estimates Rob Quigley
Stormwater Regulatory Policy Changes & Ongoing Efforts Amy Tootle & Rick Renna
Streamlined Digital Electronic Delivery Bruce Dana & Quinton Tillman
Subsurface Utility Engineering "Plus" (SUE+) James Anspach
Sunpass for Engineers Nicola Liquori
Surveying & Mapping Consultant Prequalification Brett Brunow
Traffic Signals & ITS Projects Steve Johnson
Traffic Standards Chester Henson, Ezzel Benghuzzi & Chris Lewis
Training on FDOT Design Standards 546 & 700 Benjamin Gerrell, Patrick Overton & Jeff Caster
Update on Michigan's 3D Pilot Projects Cathy Cassar
Utilities - Coordination Training Tom Bane
Utility Locating & Mapping-Scoping SUE for 3D-Design John Krause
Value Engineering Kurt Lieblong
Work Zone Awareness Ezzel Benghuzzi & Chris Lewis
Writing Technical Special Provisions for FDOT Projects Trey Tillander