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Information Security Administration

Information Security Administration / Department's Computer Resources

Department's Computer Resources

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Types of Access Accounts


District Security Coordinators

Can assist you with determining which of the department's computer resources you need to request access to.  You may contact the Central Office Security office for assistance with completing Corporate Account requests. You should contact a District Security office for assistance with completing general access requests.

Consultant Access Account
For use by State Employees or Consultants requiring individual user access

Corporate Access Account
Those wishing only access to the following FDOT application should request a Corporate Access Account.

  • Consultant Invoice Transmittal System (CITS)

Other State or Local Government Agencies Access Account
To be requested by any state governmental agency, local governmental agency, Metropolitan Planning Organization or any other governmental agency wishing to access the Department's mainframe.

Reference Material


Policies, statutes, and guidelines

Governing access to the FDOT Network


FDOT Computer Security Awareness Course


FDOT Computer Security Access Request Form

Nearly all access can be requested with this one form


List of Consultant and Corporate Company Names and designated 3-Initials