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Corporate Access Account


Corporate Access Account Instructions

Please follow the instructions below carefully in order to complete your request for access to the Department's Contract Invoice Transmittal System (CITS):

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents below.

  1. Complete the Corporate Access Account Agreement

  1. If you have not already done so, download the "Corporate Access Account Agreement" (PDF) and print it out.

  2. Include the FEID# and the principal address of the company on the Page 1 of the agreement where indicated.

  3. Designate a consultant administrator and specify an authorization code on Page 2 of the agreement where indicated.

  4. The agreement must be signed by an officer or director of the company (i.e. President, Vice President) who has signature authority to execute contracts and/or agreements.  The signature authority must be one of the persons listed in the "Officer/Director" detail of the company's registration with the FL Division of Corporations.

  5. The FDOT validates that the company is registered to do business with the State of Florida by performing an inquiry of the company’s status with the FL Division of Corporations.  The FDOT uses this same information to determine if the person who has signed the agreement is listed as an “officer/director” for the company as detailed in the “Officer/Director” section of the company’s registration.

  6. The authorized signature must be attested by a notary.  If the signature is invalid or has not been attested, the company will be notified and will be required to resubmit corrected documents.

  1. Complete the FDOT Computer Security Access Request for Corporate Accounts:

  1. An "FDOT Computer Security Access Request for Corporate Accounts" form #325-060-06 must be completed for each user account requested.  Complete all of the information requested in the top section of the form.

  2. Each user must read the policies and procedures and take the Computer Security Awareness Course referenced on the Computer Security website.

Each user and the consultant administrator must sign the appropriate access form where indicated.

  1. Mailing the Documents:

  1. Original versions of these documents must be mailed. PLEASE NOTE: Fax copies are no longer accepted.

  2. Mail the agreement, access request form(s) and the certificate of completion to:

OIS Computer Security Administration

Florida Department of Transportation

605 Suwannee Street - MS 03

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450

Upon execution of the agreement by the Department, the FDOT Computer Security Administration will assign a user account per request.  When the CITS user account has been created, the Consultant Administrator will be notified by e-Mail with the CITS user account information.  The CITS application support team will e-Mail additional logon and access instructions to the consultant administrator once the security is setup in CITS.  Please allow at least seven (7) days for processing by the CITS application support team.


Need additional help?

You may be able to get answers by accessing the “Corporate Access Agreement – Frequently Asked Questions”.
You may also e-Mail your questions to  FDOT.Security at dot.state.fl.us  (replace at with @) if you need additional assistance.