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Information Security Administration

Information Security Administration / Consultant & Corporate Company Names & Initials

0-9, A-B


Consultant & Corporate Company Names & Initials 0-9, A-B

(last updated 08/28/2018)

Company names are in alphabetical order


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Retired Acronyms

22nd Century Technologies, Inc. 22C  
24-7 Consulting, LLC 2CL  
300 Engineering Group, P.A. TEP  
3G Engineering & Consulting Services, Inc. 3GE
3M Company 3MC  

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A & P Consulting Transportation Eng. Corp. APT  
A. D. A. Engineering, Inc. ADA  
A Extreme Road Maintenance, Inc. AER  
A. M. Engineering and Testing AME  
A. W. A. Contracting Co., Inc. AWA  
A-1 Construction & Renovation, LLC ACR  
A-1 Florida Sod, Inc. AFS  
A1A Tree Service AAS  
A2 Group Inc. AGI  
AAG Environmental, Inc. AEL  
Anthony Allegra Cement Contractor, Inc. AAL  
ABHE & Svoboda, Inc. ASI  
ABL-Network Solutions, Inc. ANS  
Absolute Civil Engineering Solutions, LLC AVE  
Absolute Tree and Asset Services, LLC LAT  
Academy Design & Technical Services, Inc.
(See - Integrity Trade Services, LLC.)
ACAI Associates, Inc. AII  
ACME Barricades, LLC ABL  
Acosta Tractors, Inc. ATR  
Acre Engineering and Construction, Inc. ACG  
ACS State & Local Solutions, Inc. (See - Xerox State & Local Solutions, Inc.) ***  
Adams Traffic, Inc ATF  
Adaptive Consulting Engineers, LLC APV  
Adrian Gonzalez & Associates, P.A. AGA  
Advance Testing Company, Inc. AAT  
Advanced Concepts and Technologies ACT  
Advanced Engineering & Design, Inc. AED  
Advanced Systems Design ASD  
Advanced Transportation Engineering Consultants (See - Metric Engineering) ***  
Advanta Asphalt, Inc. AAP  
Advocates in Manpower Management, Inc. AMM
AE Engineering, Inc. (AKA - Valerie Tutor & Associates, Inc.) AEE Retired (VTA)
AECOM Consult, Inc. AEC  
AECOM Technology Corporation ATS  
AECOM Technical Services, Inc. (AKA - Earth Tech Consulting | AKA - URS
Corporation Southern 
| AKA - URS Corp Southern | AKA - URS
Construction Services, Inc.
| AKA - Boyle Engineering)
ETC Retired (URC, URS, BEC)
AECOM USA, Inc. (AKA -  DMJM and Harris Inc.) DMJ  
Aerial Cartographics of America, Inc. (See - GPI Geospatial, Inc.) ***  
AES Engineering, Inc. AEN  
AGC Electric, Inc. AGC  
Agenor & Campbell Structural Engineers, LLC ANR  
Agile Access Control, Inc. ALL  
Agricultural Land Services, Inc. AGL  
AI Engineers, Inc. AIG  
AIM Engineering and Surveying, Inc. AIM  
Airboat Addicts, Inc. ADD  
Airquest Environmental, Inc. AIE  
Ajax Paving Industries Inc. API  
AKCA Incorporated AKC  
Albeck Gerken, Inc. ALG  
Alcron, LLC. ALN  
Alday-Howell Engineering, Inc. AHE  
Aldon Bookhardt Roofing, Inc. ABR  
Alfred Benesch & Company ALB  
All Season Landscape Contractor, Inc. ASL  
All Star Fleet Services, LLC GIF  
Allen's Excavation, Inc. ALI  
Allied Engineering & Testing, Inc. (See - Volkert, Inc.) ***  
Alliedbarton Security Sevices, LLC ABS  
Allsite Contracting, Inc. ASE  
Allstate Paving, Inc. ALP  
Alltech Consulting ATC  
Alpha Construction and Engineering Corporation ALC  
Alphine Group Solutions, Inc. APG  
Alta Planning + Design, Inc. ALT  
Altair Environmental Group, LLC AEV  
Aluces Corporation ACP  
Alvarez Engineers, Inc. AEI  
Amber Rebar, Inc. ARI  
Ambrose Industrial Services Corporation AIS  
AMCOM Software, Inc. ASW  
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc
(See - AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.)
AMEC Foster Wheeler AES, Inc. AFW  
AMEC Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.
(AKA - MACTEC | AKA - AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.)
AVI Retired (MCT)
American Acquisition Group, LLC AAG  
American Aggregates, LLC AMA  
American Bridge Company ABC  
American Construction Services, Inc. of Tampa AMC  
American Consulting Professionals, Inc. ACF  
American Consulting Engineers of Florida, LLC ACE  
American Engineering & Development Corp. ADC  
American Engineering Group, Inc. AEG  
American Government Services AGS  
American Infrastructure Development, Inc. AID  
American Lighting & Signalization, Inc. ALS  
American StructurePoint, Inc AMS  
American Sweeping, Inc. AWE  
Ameriseal Highway Striping, Inc. AHS  
Ammann & Whitney, Inc. (See - Louis Berger U.S., Inc.) *** Retired (BER)
Amroad, LLC ARD  
AN-KAR Contracting Services, Inc. AKV  
Analytic Engineering, Inc. ANE  
Anchor Towing ANC  
Andersen Andre Consulting Engineers, Inc. ANN  
Anderson Columbia Co. ACC  
Andrews Paving, Inc. ADW  
Angie Brewer & Associates, LLC ABA  
Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. AAC  
Antillian Engineering Associates, Inc. ANL  
Anzac Contractors, Inc. ANZ  
APAC Mid-South, Inc. (See - Midsouth Paving, Inc.) ***  
APAC Southeast, Inc.  (See - Preferred Materials, Inc.) ***
APEX Pest Control, Inc. APC  
Applied Foundation Testing, Inc. AFT  
Applied Research Associates, Inc. ARA  
Applied Sciences Consulting, Inc. APS  
Applied Technology & Management ATM  
APTIM Environmental & Infrastructure SEI  
Aqua Pure Water & Sewage Service, Inc. APW  
Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. AQV  
Arazoza Brothers Corporation ARZ  
ARC Document Solutions, LLC ADS  
ARC Electric, Inc. ARE  
ARC Surveying and Mapping, Inc. ASM  
Arcadis G&M, Inc. (See - Arcadis  U.S., Inc.) ***  
Arcadis U.S., Inc. (AKA - Arcadis G&M, Inc.) AGM  
Archer Western Contractors (AKA - Archer Western-de Moya Joint Venture) AWC  
Ardaman & Associates, Inc. AAI  
Ardmore Associates LLC AML  
Arehna Engineering, Inc. ARG  
Armstrong Process Group, Inc. ARM  
Arnamy, Inc. ARN  
Arox Land Development Corp. ALD  
Arrow Consulting Service, Inc. (See - Hayes Construction Services, Inc.) ***  
Art Walker Construction, Inc. AWI  
ASA Consultant, Inc. ASA   
ASC Geosciences, Inc. (INACTIVE) ---    Retired (ASC)
ASC Logic, Inc. ASO  
Asha Planning Consultancy, Inc. APL  
AshBritt Inc. ASB  
Ash Group (The) (See - Ayers Associates, Inc.) ***  
Asphalt Group, Inc. ASG  
Asphalt Technologies, Inc. ASP  
Asset Engineering, Inc. AST  
Astaldi Construction Corporation ACO  
ATC Group Services LLC ATG  
Atkins North America, Inc. (AKA - PBS&J, Inc.) AKN   Retired (PBS)
Atlantic Civil Constructors Corporation ATL  
Atlantic Civil, Inc. ACI  
Atlantic Constructors of Florida, Inc.
(See - Gosalia Concrete Constructors, Inc.)
Atlantic Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc. AGE  
Augustine Construction, Inc. AUG  
AUM Construction, Inc. AUM  
AutoBase Inc ABI  
Automated Controls AUC  
Avart, Inc. (See - Ammann & Whitney, Inc.) ***  
Avcon, Inc. AVC  
AWK Consulting Engineers, Inc. AWK  
Axis Engineering Consultants, Inc. *** Retired (XEC)
Axis Engineering, PLC AEP  
Ayres & Associates (AKA - Ash Group (The)) AAA Retired (TAG)
Aztec American Builders, Inc. AZC  
Aztec Engineering Group, Inc. AZE  

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B.R.W Contracting, Inc BRW  
B & T Fencing, Inc. BTF  
Baker Concrete Construction, Inc BAK  
Baker Klein Engineering, P.L. BKE  
Bala Consulting Services, LLC BCS  
Balmoral Group, LLC (The) TMG  
Bank of America BOA  
BARCO Duval Engineering, Inc. BDE  
Barnes, Ferland and Associates, Inc. BFD  
Barracuda Building Corporation BCD  
Baskerville-Donovan, Inc. BDI  
BasLee Engineering Solutions, Inc. (AKA - BES Inc.) BES  
Basulto Management Cons. BMC  
Baxter & Woodman, Inc. BAX  
Bay City Lawncare, Inc. BCL  
Bay Landscape & Palm Service, LLC BLP  
Bayside Engineering, Inc. (See - Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson) ***  
BCC Engineering, Inc. BCE  
BCL Civil Contractors,Inc. BCV  
Beacon Systems, Inc. BEA  
Bean Construction, Inc. BNC  
Bear Hollow Sod, Inc. BHS  
Bechtol Engineering & Testing, Inc. BET  
Beck & Co. Engineering, Inc. BKC  
Bedrock Resources, LLC BRL  
Beiswenger, Hoch and Associates, Inc. BHA  
Bengal Engineering, Inc. BEI  
Bensatec Geosciences, Inc. *** Retired (BTG)
Bentley Architects and Engineers, Inc. BAE  
Berger Avart, Inc.(See - Ammann & Whitney, Inc.) ***  
Bergeron Land Development, Inc. BLD  
Bergmann Associates BAS  
Bermello, Ajamil & Partner Inc. BAP  
BES, Inc. (See - BasLee Engineering Solutions, Inc.) ***  
Better Roads Inc. BRI  
BGM Consulting, LLC BMG  
BikeKeeper, LLC BKK  
Bill Bryant & Associates, Inc. BBA  
Biscayne Engineering Company, Inc. BIS  
BKW, Inc. BKW  
Blackmon Roberts Group, Inc. BRG  
Blastech Enterprises, Inc BLA  
Blacktip Services, Inc. BSI  
BMA Consulting Engineering, Inc. BMA  
BND Engineers, Inc. BND  
Bob's Barricades, Inc. BBI  
Bolt Under Water BUW  
Bolton, Perez and Assoc. BOL  
Bombardier Mass Transit Corporation BMT  
Bonita Grande Mining, LLC BGM  
Bonness, Inc. BON  
Booth, Ern, Straughan & Hiott, Inc. BOO  
Bore-man, Inc. BMI  
Borges & Associates, P.A. BGA  
Botas Engineering, Inc. BOT  
Bouygues Civil Works Florida BCW  
Bowen Civil Engineering, Inc. (See - Hanson Professional Services) ***  
Bowman Consulting Group, LTD, Inc. BCG  
Bowyer-Singleton and Associates (See - Dewberry Engineers, Inc.) ***  
Boyer Construction Company, Inc. BOY  
Boykin Construction, Inc. BCI  
Boyle Engineering (See - AECOM) ***  
BP & A Consulting LLC BPC  
Brady Construction Of Ocala, Inc. BCO  
BRANDT Information Services, Inc. BRT  
Bridge Masters Construction, LLC BRC  
Bridging Solutions, LLC BSL  
Brightwing (See - Resource Technology Corporation) ***  
Brindley Pieters and Associates BPA  
Broad Safety, LLC BSY  
Broadspectrum Infrastructure, Inc.
(See Ferrovial Services Infrastructure, Inc.)
*** Retired (VMS)
Brothers' Construction, Inc. BTC  
Buchart-Horn, Inc. BUH  
Buck Hammock Mining Company, LLC BHM  
Buford Davis & Associates, LLC
Building Code Administrative Services, Inc. BCA  
Bun Construction Company, Inc. BUN  
Burdette & Associates, Inc. BAI  
Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. BVN  
Burgess and Niple, Inc. BAN  
Burnett Civil Contracting, LLC BUR  
Burns and McDonnell Engineering BME  
Bush Construction Company, Inc. BUS  
Business Information Technology Solutions.com, Inc. BIT