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Contracts Administration

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All bids for projects let by FDOT Central Office must be submitted using Bid Express.  Bids let by FDOT District Offices, for projects with a budget of $5 Million or more, must be submitted using Bid Express.


Expedite Bid 5.11a is a software application required to prepare bids.  Read the Expedite Bid Manual information prior to replacing an older version of Bid to prevent loss of information. 


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Expedite Presentation & Manual




Practice Samples

Use the following proposals to complete a sample bid and/or submit to Bid Express at www.bidx.com. (Please note: you must have a Bid Express Account)

  • Download the Expedite Bid Setup File and install the Program.
  • Download the Proposal EBS file(s) to a 3 1/2 in. formatted diskette.
  • Proposals EBS file(s) must be downloaded prior to loading the Sample Amendments.


new icon The samples below are set up for a Sample Letting Date of May 2, 2012.  The samples are for practice purposes using Bid Express.  The letting will be available until the letting date.


The amendment files are located on our FTP Server.

Call Order No.

Proposal EBS files FPN Amendment(s)
001 T1M03 197463 1 52 AB T1M03.001
002 T2M02 213259 3 52 LR T2M02.001
003 T1M04 405559 1 52 ST T1M04.001
004 T7M05 404125 1 52 RW T7M05.001
005 T7M06 258085 1 52 LS T7M06.001