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Fuel & Bituminous Forms

Picture of a Florida Roadway

Use the Permeable Base Section of the certifications below for existing projects and projects Let after July 1, 2010.

See the Fuel and Bituminous Average Price Index page for more information.

Conventional Projects

Fuel Adjustments on Conventional Projects are done automatically in Site Manager.

700-050-66 Asphalt & Bituminous Adjustments - Contractor's Certification of Quantities Form Updated 02/09/17

Note: For County/City Conventional Projects only; please use the Lump Sum/Design-Build Adjustment Worksheet below.

Lump Sum & Design-Build Projects

Fuel Adjustment Certification on projects Let January 2013 forward Updated 10/3/18

Fuel Adjustment Certification on projects Let 01/01/07 thru 12/31/12 Updated 1/2/13

Asphalt & Bituminous Adjustment Certification on projects Let January 2007 forward Updated 02/09/17

List of Items that Require Fuel Adjustments (when applicable) and their Fuel Factors

Contracts Let January 2013 forward - English Updated 10/3/18

Contracts Let 01/01/07 thru 12/31/12 - English Updated 01/09/13


For additional Information on Fuel & Bituminous Pricing, please contact: Taylor Carlquist - (850) 414-4252