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Electronic Submission of Forms

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In accordance with 668 F.S., a digital signature may be used in lieu of a handwritten signature on any document requiring a signature.  If a document requires more than one signature, all signatories must either use digital signatures or handwritten signatures.  Digital and handwritten signatures cannot be used on the same document.  A letter of agreement to do business electronically is only needed when all documents required per contract will be executed using digital signatures.  A special provision will be included in select contracts starting early 2015 which will eliminate the need for a letter of agreement.  Requirements for stamping, sealing, or embossing must still be satisfied when a digital signature is used.  It is the responsibility of the individual signing the document to determine the accepted methods of digitally stamping, sealing, or embossing.   Examples include corporate seals and public notary seals.

In an effort to streamline the submission and acceptance of required forms, the Department is allowing the potential electronic submission of many forms.  Please review the guidelines and processes below on how to begin successfully submitting forms electronically. 


Agreement Between Parties to Utilize Digital Signatures  
Guidelines for Acquisition and Use of Digital Signatures  
Memorandum of Understanding on Use of E-Commerce  
Reference Guide for Completing & Submitting Forms Electronically:  
 For Contractor's & Consultant CEI's  
 For FDOT Staff  
The forms in Section 1 may be completed and emailed to the appropriate personnel (e.g., Project Administrator).  Since these forms do not require a signature, it is not necessary to print and/or scan these forms.
FORM #   
650-040-01Permit Transmittal Memorandum  
675-030-20AAsphalt Roadway - Daily Report of Quality Control - Automated Version 
700-010-07Additional Classification Request Form (Wage Rates)   
700-010-13Daily Report of Construction   
700-010-35Pilot Hole Log   
700-010-48Notice of Utility Construction Work   
700-010-61Trucker Observation and Verification   
700-010-84Drilled Shaft Log (English/Metric)   
700-010-98Cross Slope Measurement Data Form  
700-011-03Auger Cast-In-Place Pile Installation Record   
700-011-04Certification Work Done By Contractor or Subcontractor Under the Florida Minority Business
700-011-20Tracking Economic Stimulus Projects   
700-011-35Project Commitments Record (PCR)  
700-020-01Pile Driving Installation Plan Form