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Final Estimates Review & Administration Manual

Picture of a Florida Roadway
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Cover Sheet   
Table of Contents 01/01/0012/7/07
Chapter 1Introduction01/01/006/13/17
Chapter 2District Final Estimates Office01/01/0010/25/16
Chapter 3Administrative Management01/01/006/17/16
Chapter 4Review Functions, Types, and Certification of the Final Estimate Package01/01/001/26/12
Chapter 5Preparations For Review01/01/001/4/07
Chapter 6Lump Sum, Square Yard, And Truck Measured Items Review01/01/0011/19/08
Chapter 7Drainage, Erosion, Traffic Control And Barrier Items Review01/01/006/12/07
Chapter 8Earthwork Items And Related Operations Review01/01/0010/1/08
Chapter 9Roadway, Base, Stabilizing and Pavement Items Review01/01/003/8/12
Chapter 10Bituminous Materials Items Review - OBSOLETE 11/22/06
(No longer in accordance with the current procedures for Final Estimates)
Chapter 11Structural Items Review01/01/001/29/14
Chapter 12Overview Function  (Incorporated into Chapter 4)
Chapter 12 has been deleted
Chapter 13Adjustments To Fuel and Bituminous Materials01/01/002/21/05
Chapter 14Post Review Processing / Contract Closeout01/01/0010/10/12
Chapter 15Final Estimates Performance Reviews3/18/046/1/2016
Appendix 15-1F.E. Qualification Performance Report03/18/046/1/16
Appendix 15-2DFEO F.E. Independent Review Checklist03/18/046/1/16