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Civil Integrated Management

Transportation Technology / CIM / Programs and Services

Programs and Services

FDOT: Civil Integrated Management

Data Governance Services


Data Governance


To learn more, visit http://www.fdot.gov/cim/division/dg.shtm.

Data Systems and Support Services


New Technology and Special Projects

Systems Software and Administration

Technical Support

Website and SharePoint Management


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/cim/division/dss.shtm.

Geographic Information Systems Services


Image Services


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/gis.

Project and Contract Management Support Services


Contract Management and Budget


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/cim.

Surveying and Mapping Services


Mobile Surveying and Mapping

Survey and Right of Way Mapping


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/geospatial.

Transportation Data and Analytics Services




Applications and Customizations

Spatial Data and Analysis

Systems Support

Traffic Telemeter Sites Construction and Repair

Transportation Data Survey

Transportation Monitoring Program


To learn more, visit www.fdot.gov/planning/statistics.



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