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FDOT: Civil Integrated Management



Civil Integrated Management (CIM) provides strategic planning, leadership and support for operational technology/data within the Florida Department of Transportation. The rapid development of information technologies and the growing need for accelerated project delivery with improved quality require all transportation stakeholders to develop and utilize more effective ways of planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, operating and managing transportation facilities through their life cycle. The framework for implementing CIM is based on the geospatial and spatial elements of all data related to the highway system. The management of various systems, technology, and data all need to align with consideration to the various business and financial outcomes desired and therefore need to be developed and managed from an organizational perspective through standards, governance, and strategic goals.


CIM supports the department's organizational management of operational technology and spatial data through the following divisions: 


Data Systems Support
Geographic Information Systems
Surveying and Mapping
Transportation Data and Analytics 

Transportation Technology Partners


Information Security Management

Information Security Management
Information Security Management (ISM) oversees the information technology security program and ensures the confidentiality/privacy, integrity and availability of the department's information and information resources.

Information Technology

Information Technology
Information Technology (IT) supports the department’s five-year work program by providing technology support, sourcing and relationship management, technology navigation, business application development and maintenance, collaboration, communication/connectivity tools and business protection.

Process and Quality Improvement

Organizational Change Management
Organizational Change Management (OCM) is responsible for providing continuous oversight, advice, assistance, and support to those involved in managing change for the Department.

Process and Quality Improvement

Process and Quality Improvement
Process and Quality Improvement (PQI) helps to improve the processes and quality of the products and services offered to the department.



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