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Where can I find an electronic copy of the Standard Indexes?

The FDOT Design Standards Indexes are produced using Microstation in DGN format. There is no AutoCAD version. Furthermore, we currently do not make the DGN files of the Roadway Design Office Maintained Design Standards available for distribution, however the Structures Design Office Maintained Design Standards are available at: http://www.fdot.gov/structures/CADD/standards/CurrentStandards/MicrostationDrawings.shtm

A pdf version can be accessed at the following link:


The Design Standards are intended to be used as a document in whole and incorporated as part of FDOT construction contract documents by reference. They are not developed for the purpose of providing individual typical details that can be extracted for use in other drawings. For specific details needed in the production of plans, the Department has an extensive cell library and resource files that are made available in the FDOT CADD software produced by the FDOT Engineering CADD Systems Office. This software includes a number of cells and files based on details from the Design Standards. Information and contacts related to the FDOT CADD software are provided at the following link: http://www.fdot.gov/cadd/default.shtm

Where can I get the FDOT CADD Manual and when must I comply with the CADD Manual?

At the FDOT Internet Website, on the CADD Web Page: http://www.fdot.gov/cadd/downloads/publications/Manual/default.shtm

All scopes written after July 1, 2000 will reference the CADD Manual for CADD requirements and deliverables. Scopes developed before July 1, 2000 will usually have other requirements. Any questions regarding what to deliver before then should be referred to your FDOT Project Manager.

Who do I call for FDOT CADD Software support?

First, consult your documentation and / or local peer expert first. If this does not answer your question, then consult your CADD Manager / Administrator.

The FDOT CADD Office can offer support as a last resort, but keep in mind that the Office's resources are very limited. The contact list for the CADD Office can be found at: CADD Office

Also see the CADD Customer Support Guide at: http://www.fdot.gov/cadd/downloads/publications/CADDSupportGuide/CADDSupport.shtm

Where can I find more documentation about FDOT CADD software?

Try the following URLs:






Where can I find Self Help On-line training?

Try the following URLs:



Where can I find the Raster Key Maps now?

The raster key maps in .CAL format have been replaced by DGN files.  The maps can be downloaded in DGN or PDF format from http://www.fdot.gov/geospatial/maps.shtm.