FAQ Answers - Sheet Navigator

When I try to run Sheet Navigator I get the following error message: “Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.” And I’m given the option to terminate the application or debug the application.

This error is caused by insufficient privileges defined in the Microsoft .Net Framework. Basically the computer does not have rights to access Sheet Navigator program located on the server. For detained instructions on the configuration of the Microsoft .Net Framework see:


How do I get Sheet Navigator to ignore the junk files and junk folders in my project?

See Instructions: How to get Sheet Navigator to ignore the junk files and junk folders.

How do I add another Engineer of Record cell with Sheet Navigator, and can I use my company logo?

Please see the following PDF for instructions on adding an additional EOR cell with Sheet Navigator: SheetInfoEORCell.pdf

How do I get Sheet Navigator to update my sheet number references?

Sheet Navigator automatically updates sheet number references. Please see this PDF for more information: SheetNumberReferences.pdf

Where do I get help for Sheet Navigator?

Read this PDF for an introduction to Sheet Navigator: IntroToSheetNavigator.pdf