FAQ Answers - Quality Control

I am having a problem with the QuikCheck application, for some reason it is finding errors but not highlighting or zooming to the highlighted element, but this is only happening in certain files like my topord and utexrd files.

We recommend a compress to remove the "ghost" cell headers. However, due to the nature of compression and the unwillingness of some users to compress for fear of losing data, we recommend modifying the Compress Options in MicroStation.

Select File > Compress > Options.

On the Compress Options Dialog, toggle off all checks leaving the Delete Empty Cell Headers checked. Click the Compress Button and rerun QuikCheck.

User having problem with QuickCheck not saving corrections to the dgn.

QuickCheck will not allow the creation of new levels at this time, therefore you can import the levels into the dgn, allowing QuickCheck to make corrections. Please follow the directions below for every file for which this problem is experienced:

Importing Levels from *.dgnlib

  1. Open up file in the untitled workspace.
  2. When file is open, access the Level Manager.
  3. From the Level Manager dialog, select the Levels pull down menu > Import.
  4. Navigate to the FDOT2004 install directory > Standards > symb folder.
  5. Select the *.dgnlib needed for the discipline you are working on.
  6. Click the OK button on the Import Levels dialog after selecting the *.dgnlib.
  7. From the MicroStation menu bar, select File > Save Settings.
  8. Close file (MicroStation Session).
  9. Open file in the FDOT2004, FDOT2002_v8 or FDOT2002_v7 workmode (depending on which work mode you had opened this file previously).
  10. Rerun QuikCheck.

QuikCheck should operate properly now. Unfortunately, this will have to be done to all files that you experience this issue until MicroStation fixes a bug.

Note: Please do not use the Save Corrections Function from the QuikCheck program dialog. This is a function that is not utilized or supported by CADD Office and does not produce results necessary for Electronic Delivery. Changes are made to the *.dgn file with the QuikCheck program when the Fix All or Fix Single functions are used and the QuikCheck dialog is closed down updating a Type 66 Microstation element embedded in the file by GDM products.

Why does my QC Report show 100% Added Since, when my dgn files are 100% compliant and how do I correct this?

There is a known issue in the current FDOT2004 MR4 version of the GDM QC Software (QCReporter) regarding an inability to correctly read Type66 elements of FDOT2004 MR3 dgn files previously processed for QC. On those MR3 dgn files the QC Report incorrectly displays an Added Since of 100%.
Here are some suggestions to correct this:

  1. For multiple files run Batch QC from the Sitemenu Option: Utils > Cleanup and QC Utilities on files with issue then rerun QCReporter to update your QC Report. This runs the QC process (Quikchek) on the fly to update the Type 66 element (all Models) and compresses each file selected.
  2. For a single file open each dgn file and reprocess with Quikchek, then rerun QCReporter to update your QC Report.
  3. Cleanup dgn file by running one of the following, and then choose Option 1 or Option 2:
    MicroStation Menu Option: File > Compress > Options(select all compression options) > Design(Compress)
    Sitemenu Option: Utils > Reference Files Utilities > Reference-Raster Cleanup Tools
    Sitemenu Option: Utils > Revisions Utilities > Convert Old Files to V8 Seed File Standards
    In some cases, hidden elements have been found in dgn files that inhibits the performance of the QC process. The option above has proven to clear those issues.
NOTE: Reprocessing project files included in prior submittals for the purpose of correcting the QC Reports will cause a break in the PEDDS authentication.