FAQ Answers - MicroStation

Every time I start MicroStation I’m being prompted that an update is available. Should I install it?

Yes. When a Maintenance Release is installed on the server the clients will be prompted to update the software installed locally. It is important to keep the server and client software in sync. The Electronic Delivery software installed locally uses applications installed on the server so they must match to ensure that data is mined properly.

MicroStation is not finding reference files in other directories, should I use the Save Full Path option?

No, do not save full path. This is usually caused by a nonstandard project directory structure. The project directory should contain one, and only one \ "_meta_info" sub-directory and it should be located from the root of the project.

I am having problems when starting MicroStation. I keep getting error messages that say that the application I am trying to run is not “Trusted”. What can I do to fix this problem?

Please review Server Security Setup document.