FAQ Answers - FDOT CADD Software Releases

What is the current version of the FDOT Software?

To see the current version of FDOT Software, and other current software versions, please visit the FDOT Officially Supported Current Software Versions page.
Major FDOT CADD Software releases will be re-issued on CD-ROM (about once every two, or so, years). Hot fixes and Maintenance Releases containing new features will be put on the FDOT CADD Web site.

How do I report Bugs in the FDOT CADD Software?

The best way to report bugs is to write-up the problem, including how it can be reproduced and the version used. Send the information via:

1) E-mail: Jimmie Prow: jimmie.prow@dot.state.fl.us,

2) On-line: CADD Support

One of the CADD Office staff will be in contact with you very soon thereafter.

How do I get information on the prior version of the FDOT Software?

Get a copy of the FDOT2### Software from Maps and Publications (On-Line Shopping Cart)

Contact your FDOT project manager for a free copy of the FDOT2### Software.

Get the latest Patch or Hot Fixes to FDOT2### CD at the FDOT Internet Website, on the CADD Web Page. Get information on what version of software and operating systems the FDOT Software is certified for at:

\FDOT2### directory on the FDOT2### Software CD in the README.TXT file (Windows XP, MicroStation 2###, GEOPAK 2### with latest Maintenance releases)

I applied the update to my FDOT suite and now my cross sections don’t run any more.
What happened and how do I fix it?

If you have applied an update to the FDOT suite of software you may get errors when you attempt to run your cross sections that ran fine before the update. There are a few things that could be wrong but, two if the most common are adHocs are missing and the run needs to be updated to the latest criteria files.

To solve each you must:

Check your plan graphics to verify the adHocs are all present and set properly before you attempt to run your cross sections.

Go to the shape clusters in the run setup dialog and apply the typical to each shape cluster again. Once you have done that delete the first left and right side slope conditions in the list. Doing this will copy down the new criteria files without losing your settings in the run.

After you have verified these two things are done then attempt to run your cross sections again and if you still have problems give us a call or drop us an e-mail and someone will get back with you to offer assistance.

Why don’t my drainage cross sections run after a software update to the FDOT software suite?

One of the main reasons that the drainage cross sections stop running after an update to the FDOT software suite is that there has been an update to the drainage library. In order to deal with this issue you must open your drainage project and go to the edit node and edit link dialogs and cycle through all of your nodes and links to verify that they still appear correctly in the editor. If when you attempt to cycle to the next node or link, it asks you to save the component, make sure you have checked it very carefully for compliance with the original drainage design.

If everything checks out, save the component and go on to the next, until you have cycled through all components and receive no save warnings. Now you must do either an update all or an update all with pay items and your drainage cross sections should run fine. Don’t forget to re-run the stub out report before you go to the cross section file. Also, if you have other reports to run you will need to re-run the drainage preferences, storm tabulation and spread tabulation reports again.