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FDOT2017 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit

Picture of a Florida Roadway
FDOT2017 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit (version 01.03.00)
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Filename Description Size Posted
Maintenance Release 3
Installation Guide Instructions for installing the FDOT2017 Civil 3D CADD Software. 1.42 MB 03/30/2018
FDOT2017 C3D MR3 Release Notes For detail information on what was updated in this release, see the FDOT2017 C3D MR3 Release Notes. 397 KB 03/30/2018
FDOT2017 C3D MR3 Install This is the install file for the first release of the FDOT2017 Civil 3D State kit Software. 304 MB 03/30/2018
AutoCAD Only Installation
FDOT2017 (AutoCAD Only) Install This install is the same as the FDOT2017C3D MR3 Release; only scaled down to run on a standalone version of AutoCAD.

Note: Do NOT install this on a Autodesk Civil 3D machine as the registry locations are different.
286 MB 03/30/2018