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FDOT2017 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit

Picture of a Florida Roadway
FDOT2017 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit (version 01.02.01)
Contact: CADD Support
Filename Description Size Posted
Hotfix 01.02.01
Hotfix The FDOT2017 C3D Maintenance Release 2, Hotfix (version 01.02.01) includes only the files updated since FDOT2017 MR2 was released. It should only be applied to servers or stand-alone workstations that have already been upgraded to FDOT2017 C3D Maintenance Release 2. 14.9 MB 12/27/2017
Maintenance Release 2
Installation Guide Instructions for installing the FDOT2017 Civil 3D CADD Software. 1.42 MB 10/06/2017
FDOT2017 C3D MR2 Release Notes For detail information on what was updated in this release, see the FDOT2017 C3D MR2 Release Notes. 559 KB 10/06/2017
FDOT2017 C3D MR2 Install This is the install file for the first release of the FDOT2017 Civil 3D State kit Software. 302 MB 10/06/2017
AutoCAD Only Installation
FDOT2017 (AutoCAD Only) Install This install is the same as the FDOT2017C3D MR2 Release; only scaled down to run on a standalone version of AutoCAD.

Note: Do NOT install this on a Autodesk Civil 3D machine as the registry locations are different.
284 MB 10/06/2017