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Customer Support Guide

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The Department’s Customer Support Guide provides CADD support resources for the Department’s personnel and the engineering community to assist in the production of CADD projects for the Department. This guide explains how to find help for specific CADD applications and procedures, who to contact, and what to expect from the support staff within the Production Support Office - CADD (PSO), Structures Design Office (SDO), and Survey & Mapping Office (S&MO).

CADD Customer Support Guide
As established by the CADD Manual (Topic 625-050-001), the Production Support Office – CADD provides:
  • The Department’s CADD Software to assist the design community to produce plans that meet the Department’s Design Standards, the Plans Preparation Manual, and the CADD Manual.
  • Statewide CADD user training supporting the District CADD Training programs.
  • Statewide CADD Software Support when using resource files delivered with the Department’s CADD Software.
References: FDOT Office of Design Publications.
                    CADD Manual (Topic 625-050-001).

The Department’s CADD Software and installation requirements are available from the Production Support | CADD Software websites:

CADD Customer Support Guide
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