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FDOT Traffic Plans - Signalization

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This course was developed to teach students fundamental use of GEOPAK, MicroStation, and the FDOT CADD standard resources and applications for Traffic Plans and Signalization design based on a typical traffic plans design workflow to produce and present Traffic Plans and Signalization design required for Electronic/Digital Delivery.

FDOT Traffic Plans - Signalization cover page Topics Covered:
  • General topics on Signalization Plans and File Creation
  • DExploring the FDOT desktop folder
  • Create File/Project tool for creating base files for a project
  • FDOTSSX Traffic Plans Menu bar
  • Levels and Level Filters
  • Text Styles
  • Models
  • Creating a Signalization Key Sheet
  • Creating a Summary of Pay Items
  • Signalization Tools
  • Quantities and Reports
  • Sheet Navigator/Sheet Labeling Tools
  • Plotting Tools
  • FDOT MicroStation Essentials - Part I (CE-11-0114)
  • FDOT MicroStation Essentials - Part II (CE-11-0115)
  • FDOT Basic GEOPAK Road (CE-11-0099)

Traffic Plans Signalization documentation is currently provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  These files require the free Adobe Acrobat plug-in for your browser.  The Acrobat plug-in can be obtained from Adobe Systems Inc. 

Traffic Plans Signalization Documentation
File Description Size Updated Date
FDOTSS3 Documentation         6.20 MB 01/09/2015
FDOTSS3 Dataset                      24.9 MB 01/09/2015
FDOT2010 V8i Documentation 6.25 MB 02/03/2011
FDOT2010 V8i Dataset              61 MB 02/03/2011
FDOT2008 XM Documentation 6.30 MB 09/01/2009
FDOT2008 XM Dataset              29.3 MB 09/01/2009