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Florida’s multimodal transportation system supports our economy, residents, businesses, and visitors. FDOT’s Performance Policy and Performance Framework guide and inform transportation decision-making.

2015 Performance Report and Highlights


Download the 2015 Performance Report or highlights including the FDOT Performs Video. You can also download the 2015 Performance Report Highlights (or print version) and the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Performance Highlights (or print version). Highlights for each performance goal area and the core measures for each of these areas are linked below.

Performance Highlights

Our Goals

Core Measure Highlights


Safety Picture

Safety and security for residents, visitors, and businesses

Fatalities and Serious Injuries


Maintenance Picture

Agile, resilient, and quality transportation infrastructure

Pavement Condition || Bridge Condition || Maintenance || Transit


Mobility Picture

Efficient and reliable mobility and more choices for people and freight

Travel Quantity || Travel Quality || Accessibility || Utilization


Economy Picture

Transportation solutions that support Florida's global economic competitiveness

Return on Investment || Projects On-Time || Projects Within Budget


Environment Picture

Transportation solutions that enhance Florida's environment, conserve energy and support quality places to live, learn, work and play

Air Quality

Partner Collaboration


FDOT has conducted three Performance Workshops at our FDOT/FHWA/FTA/MPO Statewide Meetings.

Federal Performance Rulemaking


Information on federal performance rulemaking including FDOT comments is available here.

Performance Summit 2016


The first Performance Summit for Transportation Partners, was held in May, 2016. The Summit was comprised of several highly interactive webinars. Highlights from each of the Sessions are available here.

Other FDOT Performance Reports


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