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Florida’s popularity with motorcycle enthusiasts make motorcycle safety an important issue. Motorcycling is a means of transportation for commuting, touring and recreation with more than a million drivers in Florida having a motorcycle endorsement on their driver license. However, motorcycles are more vulnerable to injuries and death compared to other motor vehicles. In 2012, 457 motorcyclists and their passengers lost their lives in fatal crashes in Florida’s roadways.


The Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition, led by the FDOT Safety Office, will host an event to promote motorcycle safety and awareness at the beginning of the largest motorcycle event in the state of Florida, Daytona Bike Week 2014. A memorial ride, recognizing the 457 motorcycle fatalities in the state during 2012, will consist of 457 motorcyclists wearing color coded t-shirts representing one of three types of motorcycle involved crashes in which the fatalities occurred. The high-visibility long sleeve t-shirts worn by the motorcyclists will represent single vehicle motorcycle crash fatalities, multi-vehicle motorcycle crash fatalities (motorcyclist at fault), and multi-vehicle motorcycle crash fatalities (other drivers at fault).


The Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition offers the following motorcycle safety and awareness tips and recognizes that everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions on the roadways and respect each other. The Coalition supports the belief that motorists need to drive more responsibly by driving undistracted, unimpaired, and with awareness and respect for other motorists and motorcyclists. We would also like to emphasize the responsibility placed upon the motorcyclist to always ride S-M-A-R-T:

                                                                                  Say no to drinking and riding

                                                                                  Make yourself more visible to motorists

                                                                                  Always wear a helmet when riding

                                                                                  Ride in control (within legal and personal limits)

                                                                                  Train regularly and get endorsed

RIDE 457