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The right traffic data advances the accessibility, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and uniformity of Florida’s traffic records systems (crash, driver, vehicle, roadway, citation/adjudication, and EMS/injury surveillance).

Florida’s Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) facilitates the planning, coordinating and implementation of projects to improve the State’s six traffic records information systems. Using the 2011 assessment results as an impetus, the TRCC developed a five-year Traffic Safety Information System (TSIS) Strategic Plan in 2012 to provide a blueprint for measuring progress towards advancing the accessibility, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and uniformity of Florida’s traffic records information systems and strengthening the TRCC program. The plan also provides Florida State agencies with a common basis for moving ahead with traffic records systems upgrades, integration, and data analysis required to conduct highway safety analyses in the State.

Implementation of the Florida Traffic Records Strategic Plan will improve the quality and accessibility of the State’s traffic safety data. Better data will assist all of the SHSP emphasis area teams and safety stakeholders with problem identification and evaluation of their strategies, programs, and initiatives.


  1. Provide ongoing coordination in support of multi-agency initiatives and projects which improve traffic records information systems;
  2. Develop and maintain complete, accurate, uniform, and timely traffic records data;
  3. Provide the ability to link traffic records data;
  4. Facilitate access to traffic records data; and
  5. Promote the use of traffic records data.

Team Members

The organizations listed below are represented on the TRCC Executive Board (denoted by an *) and the Traffic Safety Data Technical Committee.

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration * Florida Sheriff’s Association
Florida Department of Health * Florida Highway Patrol/Motor Carrier Compliance *
Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles * Police Chief’s Association *
Florida Department of Transportation * University of Florida